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Our clients are our employers. We are here to provide a service based on what each individual's goals and abilities dictate. With that being said, we provide more than just exercise and nutritional guidance. We are here to show you alternate solutions to road blocks that get in the way of your goals. We are here to show you all that you can accomplish. We will challenge you physically and mentally to be the best version of you. This is as much mental as it is physical and it is hard work. We believe that nothing worth having comes easily, but we can make it safe and fun along the way.


On March 21st, 2011, I started training with Kim Curtis @ Fitness Together.  I learned a lot, during those 100 days.  I learned about myself, exercise, how to read labels, how to weigh and measure serving sizes.  I learned about super foods and having goals; more than I ever anticipated.   More importantly I learned that there are people who actually really care about my health.  Without support and motivation it is very hard to feel the confidence to take on such a challenge.  Losing weight is no walk in the park, and my mind was finally at a stage where I knew I could do it with help.  My trainer, Kim, expressed to me in my very first session... if I followed her rules, consumed what she told me to eat, when she told me to eat it, and do my homework (Cardio & Core) I would achieve my goal.   It wasn’t easy.  It wasn’t convenient, but I did it anyway, and I got the exact results she said I would 3 weeks early.  It is pure dedication.  There is no cheating here and there.  If you want it, you gotta do it.  No swaying.  Period.


Now, a year and half later, I am still training with Kim.  Still learning more than ever before.  Realizing now, it was the easy part to lose the weight, …but it is a lot tougher to keep it off.   Because it’s easy to go back into bad habits.  Slipping a little here and there, thinking you deserve it, for all the hard work.   It takes hard work, to lose weight.   I had to get to a point where I looked at what I was consuming and had to decide if it was worth eating.  Once you get into the habit of eating foods that were once alive and not processed foods, it is easier to make good choices.   It takes dedication to your self.  To your goals.  You have to want it bad enough. 


What I have learned the most about “personal training” is that; it is just that!  “Personal!”  She makes sure I am standing right, holding my core tight, knees are straight, arms are tucked, my body aligned.  She is all business, and I love that she takes her job serious.  It’s the best feeling in the world knowing  Kim “wants” to help me, wants to show me, wants me to be a better me.  That means more to me, more than all of it put together.  I listen to exactly what she tells me to do, and I have shown her, and proved to her, that HER way is THE RIGHT WAY.  There is no way around it.  Believe me when I say, I have tried ways around it...   I am always honest with Kim, no matter what it is she asked me about, because she knows my body better than I know it myself, and there is no use in lying or not telling her, because I only hurt myself by doing so.   And gain no benefits.  I would never want to disappoint her after what she has given me.  And that was my life back.  She took 10 years off of me and along with the weight, I shed much more emotions that were weighing me down as well, that comes with the weight.  You can only understand this statement, once you have made your goal. And not a moment until.


I know this may sound mushy, but in all honesty, I believe that GOD put Kim in my life, not only to clean up the inside of my body, and the outside as well, but she cleaned up my mind.  She cleaned up my ways of thinking.  That is something Money can’t buy.  I am so grateful to her, because she is such an incredible person who made a real difference in my life. 


THANK YOU KIM, for caring about me, for wanting to see me succeed, for showing me that I could do it and that “I AM” strong.  Thank you for never giving up on me!     

                                                                                                                                                  Rhenda Wilkerson


I come from a background of athletics and enjoy running.  Although I have done weights in the past, it was never a priority to me.  Kim has given me the accountability towards my toning, strengthening, and weight lifting goals when I had difficulty fitting it into my schedule during busy "mom" years.   Now that I have two teenage daughters, she also helps them meet their personal goals.  Kim jumped right in when one daughter wanted to increase her vertical for volleyball, and helped my other daughter recover from a sports injury.  Two of her many gifts are personalizing a program, and making sure her clients are comfortable.  Our family gives KC Fit a 5 Star rating!  

Julie Moore


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